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7 May



Mmm, másla se nebojíme, tuky rádi papáme. Image


Mluvíme o čístém málse, žádné margaríny, hery, ztužené tuky, pomazánky nebo jiné náhražky. Krásné máslo od krávy, s vůni, barvou a vším. Další variantou je Ghee, které už se v Praze také sežene. Třeba tu. Ghee je ještě čisčí forma másla. Je to máslo od kterého je odďelená laktóze a mléčné bílkoviny. Většina lidí je dosti citlivá na mléčné výrobky. Říká se až 2/3 naší populace. Takže Ghee je ideální pro ty které to dráždí. 

Máslo je zdravé, protože ve své jednoduchosti, je to čistý tuk, ale ještě k tomu obsahuje zdravé vitamíny. Například A a K2. Dále pomáha vstřebávat jiné vitamíny které se rozpouští v tucích, a pomáhá při zpracování vápníku. 



Who cares- but really

21 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a recent event that happened in Prague. The president Vaclav Klaus was attacked by a replica gun. Nothing happened to him, but his bodyguards failed to protect him. They even failed to show any sign of activity for the safeguarding of the president, even if it was only a scare.

Not long ago, the president announced the lifting of criminal prosecution of the two bodyguards who were in hiding. His decision was based on his satisfaction of their previous execution of duty.

His official announcement

The question is, was their loyalty ever tested in a way that they could prove that they are loyal to their post? Had they never been in a situation where they had to intervene, then there is little way of judging their service. If their character is never tested, then who knows what they will act like in the future. As long as the president feels safe with them by his side, then his grace is admirable.

3 Oct

Bizarre Technology

29 Aug
Technology is evolving so rapidly these days, that what may seem like a ridiculous ideas becomes a reality very quickly. Think Google glasses, credit card payment over phones, SmartTVs. The latest developments in TV purport to be very smart. Sensors detect your motions, pick up your dance moves and decipher exactly what you want. Pretty soon, they may know what you are thinking.  Actually, that may be the better alternative.
Here are two hot new gadgets.
The first, a motion detector for your computer. No mouse. No keyboard. Awesome.
And the TV would not be left behind. It also has motion detectors. Check out the funny commercial.
But can you imagine flailing your arms around like that? At home, ok maybe. But sitting in an office? I would be way too embarrassed.
Can you imagine walking into a room to find everyone waving around their arms and legs randomly? Maybe it will pick up, and in a couple of years we won’t be able to imaging life without it. But until then, it seems strange.

Where are the Catholics?

11 Apr

There are more homosexuals than Catholics in Prague. Mind blowing. 

Unfortunately, I don’t even blame those that are repelled by the Catholic church. We fail to set a good enough example to persuade them that we are living out the righteous. All the backstabbing, gossiping, and pretending really does not create an inviting environment. Being in Czech Republic, I am not truly convinced of the goodness of the church solely based on the actions of the others in the congregation. Better get out there and set a great example. 

Be shrewd

28 Nov

I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.


17 Nov

…the stuff falling down outside is snow…then its snowing!