15 Jan
A phone that fits into the back of a tablet?
Slap on a keyboard, add a mouse and off you go.
Why does it seem that there are so many new ridiculous technological ideas popping up all over the place?
Yes, technology should go forward, but should there not be some sort of common sense barrier that says that something is ridiculous? It is great that we can create a device that you can pop your phone into, but why?
These types of inventions feel like a quick patch up of things just to get something new on the market. Yet these inventions seem to make the credible companies just look plain ridiculous. It used to be that these funny, creative, but useless gadgets were on the TV infomercial channels or in the airplane magazines. This wild goose chase is our greed to be constantly stimulated by new things. It is causing a whirlwind that everyone is getting sucked into. Although these gizmos are neat, I would still much rather invest in 1 item that I know works and will last me some time.

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