The Blessing of a Union – Marriage controvery

14 Jan

Not too long ago a bishop was quite sympathetic towards homosexual couples. He purported, that historically there have been cases where same sex couples have been blessed.

I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. It kept puzzling me until I started looking it up.

Sure enough, there have been such cases:

Roman Catholic Church

During the 1990s, a discussion began in the Roman Catholic Church about blessings for same-sex unions. In the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aachen in Germany, five same-sex unions received a blessing in German town ofMönchengladbach.[83] In 2007, one same-sex union received a blessing in German town of Wetzlar in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Limburg.[84] Wikipedia

On one hand, I found that such a blessing did occur, yet on the other hand, I found the 5 Non Negotiables which are strictly against any homosexual marriages. One theory could be that by giving homosexuals a blessing, the church really does separate the common living arrangement from a marriage because they establish it as something different. This in turn would protect the marriage sacrament because they define it more clearly.

But the theory couple be completely off because as I found, there have been priests who blessed the couples and then were removed from their position. 

A German priest granted a blessing, and then the bishop “removed Fr. Kollas as dean of priests to avoid further “damage” to the Church’s reputation.” Catholic

We as Catholics have a duty to respect, honor and love any human being, even if homosexual, but that does in no way mean to endorse, bless or pardon their deeds. Being open to them would in no way harm the reputation of the church, but a blessing….

But, if we consider the blessing. It could be, that the priest were blessing a household in which two homosexuals lived. If that were the case, then any non tradition household, which functions as a compatible and loving environment, should be eligible for a blessing as well.


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