7 course menu

27 Nov

Last Saturday I was invited to a luxurious dinner on the top floor of a building located right on the Vltava river that runs through Prague. We were escorted up the elevator, our coats were taken at the door and our seats pulled out and gently pushed in as we sat down.


Not until we sat down were we informed that the regular menu would not be available that night, and that an exclusive seven course menu was prepared for everyone. Not only was it seven courses, it was also Asian. We all looked at each other, a little taken back by the news, but we mustered up the courage and stayed. Why not? None of us would probably sign up for the event voluntarily, but not that we were here, we were curious.

Here is what we had to eat over a span of several hours:

Sashimi, foie gras, fress truffle

Tuna tartar, wasabi, quail egg, squid ink toast

Crispy tiger prawns, wasabi sauce, black sesame

Cod in white miso paste

Beef filet, veggies, soy and caramel sauce, ginger shitake

Raspberry sorbet with pandan, white chocolate and black sesame sorbet wrapped in marzipan

Chocolate ball with plum and almond cake and hot surprise

This was absolutely stunning. They brought out the chocolate ball which already looked impressive. Then they started to pour hot chocolate over it and the chocolate ball started to melt and reveal the scoop of ice cream that was hidden inside. What remained was a piece of cake with ice cream and a pool of warm chocolate and bits of coconut that bathed the entire dessert.



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