Who cares- but really

21 Nov

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a recent event that happened in Prague. The president Vaclav Klaus was attacked by a replica gun. Nothing happened to him, but his bodyguards failed to protect him. They even failed to show any sign of activity for the safeguarding of the president, even if it was only a scare.

Not long ago, the president announced the lifting of criminal prosecution of the two bodyguards who were in hiding. His decision was based on his satisfaction of their previous execution of duty.

His official announcement

The question is, was their loyalty ever tested in a way that they could prove that they are loyal to their post? Had they never been in a situation where they had to intervene, then there is little way of judging their service. If their character is never tested, then who knows what they will act like in the future. As long as the president feels safe with them by his side, then his grace is admirable.


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