Who cares

1 Oct

Last week the Czech president Václav Klaus was attacked by a replica gun. The 7 shots fired showed an absolute failure in the highest Czech security forces. How is it possible that Klaus was surrounded by 3 bodyguards and each one of them failed to react?


In the news report, they are captured smiling and joking. None of them took it seriously. This is a reflection of how the state values its highest representative, and the absolute lack of national pride, let alone respect for the position which requires absolute dedication to the well being of a singular person.

The head of security resigned, not surprisingly. But again, no one cares. A more proper course of action would be jail time or trial for breaching his oath to serve and protect.

This is an incredible reflection of Czech character as a whole. In every aspect of society you can see how selfish and immoral it has become. Everyone looks only after themselves. Because of the years of communism, lack of national pride, absence of religion and apathy, the Czech people have become very passive.

Why bother with anything if I have nothing to gain.

“The pistol gave us a good laugh, so who cares,” is their attitude. No one was willing to carry out his job, (even if at the expense of making a fool of himself) and jump the plastic pistol and camouflage man.

“The government is deaf and blind,” the shooter told reporters, and is exactly right. Except that it extends to all people. All deaf to anything besides their own wants.

In the end, this is another item to add to the list of news coverage of Czech Republic in world media:

  • Elephant floating down Vltava river during the 2002 floods
  • Slap during s session of Senate while settling personal matters over a woman
  • Vaclav Klaus hiding a pen at a summit in Chile
  • National guards laughing at the president being shot

Way to represent. Go team.


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