IP Addresses Define National Rights

20 Aug
There are incredible benefits that come with having US citizenship. Citizenship has been defined by factors such as living in the US, paying taxes, a passport or a driver’s license.

In fact, it used to be easier to apply for a driver’s license. All one had to do was apply at the DMV. Why complicate things? It’s impossible to exist in most part of the US without a car, so it makes sense that everyone walking the soil has access to it.

Well that changed and now you need a Social Security number. So, the basic principles that define a citizen are the possession of an SS card and paying taxes. 


I am temporarily living abroad. My permanent residence is still in California and although my income comes from my employer in Czech Republic, I still pay US taxes. Theoretically, I then have a right to all the benefits. All, except the ones that are limited by a newly founded virtual country border. Computers’ IP addresses.
I would really enjoy watching movies legally. As an American, I purchase a monthly subscription to Netflix, yet because my US bought computer is in Prague now, I can’t play the content. Many other sites are blocked as well, such as YouTube videos and some banking sites. Prague is pretty liberal, so the issue is not about their security standards. It is a matter of US policy, funding regulations, limited investments in securing access, or just a lack of willingness to accommodate anyone outside the US.

So, I was stuck. I was not about to start downloading movies, but the only other option was not so innocent either. Purchasing an IP address connection in the US would allow me to have access to all the sites I wanted. I rationed that I did have a right to access them since I was an American. My temporary leave should not limit my access to neither entertainment nor banking. So I chose the less bad road (even though I did fill someone’s pocket who allows me to circumvent regulations) and purchased the connection.

Since while living and earning abroad I still have to pay US taxes, it only seems fair that I could check my account and watch a movie at the end of the day. 


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