Switching Hearts

10 Aug
In an episode of Ally McBeal that I recently watched, an interesting debate arose. Two men wanted to switch hearts, one of them had a sick one. Because of hospital ethics, the doctors refused to carry out such an operation, but a court order could have forced them to.
Legality aside, would it be moral to switch hearts?
This would be the height of a self less act of giving.
There was no ulterior motive, no financial award, no materialistic benefits, security or bribes from either side.
The only selfish motive that could be found, was the need to do something meaningful.
However, taken altogether, the act would be immoral, not on the basis of giving, but rather on the basis of doubting one’s worth. We are made to be, have, do. That is the order.
Today’s society all too often reverses the order: do, have, be.
   If you work hard enough, you will have things, and thing will then define who you are, giving you a place in society.
But we were brought into existence just the way we are. Be. We were given all the riches of the world. Have. All material things turn to dust when we pass, so any rush to hoard more is a useless race. Only now, it is us to us to make use of who we are and what we were given to do the best possible. Do. 
This man was trying to do the most honorable thing he could with his precious heart, but it was morally unsound because he was missing the first step. He did not value himself, first and foremost, to be able to follow through with the process. What he had to realize was that he is unique and important just for being. No more no less. 

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