“Science…it’s a girl thing”

8 Aug
A wave of criticism has overtaken marketing websites after the airing of this video intended for viral distribution.
Is is really that demeaning for women?
Female scientists have never carried the stereotype of being sexy. This short video only tries to glamorize the sciences. Rather than degrading the female, they propose that her femininity is not compromised by hard science. The poses do not seem derogatory, provocative or sexualized. On the contrary, they play up the style, curves and grace with which a woman carries out the tasks at hand.
Feminist females fight for equality in the workplace, yet equality suppresses a woman’s advantage. Why not acknowledge her qualities and let her use them to her advantage?
With their precision, delicate touch and inquisitive nature, women should play an integral part in the sciences. Doing so though should not require her to trade in her heels and mascara for goggles and a lab coat. Wear them both!
Yes, pink lipstick may symbolically throw women in the same handbag, but instead of taking it as a negative characterization women should learn to flaunt it.
It’s not like men can pull off lipstick. 

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