Curiosities of the everyday

14 Apr

Buying groceries this morning at 7am, I couldn’t help but notice the shopping cart in front of me: 1 Snickers bar, 1 Milka chocolate and 4 beers. Enjoy breakfast.


Coming back from lunch, the bus was so crowded I had to stand in the very front, right next to the bus driver. Driving so many people, I thought, would make someone a little anxious, but apparently not. Quite the contrary. When his cell phone rang, he picked it up and started chatting like it was no one’s business. To make wide turns, he passed his cell phone from one hand to the next, turning the wheel by awkwardly dislocating his elbow to be able to do it with 1 hand. What really got me was when he hung up, went to put his phone in his breast pocket and dropped it on the floor! On the bus floor! And then he leaned over to get it. I’m not sure if my jaw dropped, but my eyes sure were bulging.

A couple days ago a small convenience store opened next to my office. 3 packs of cigarettes and 2 kinds of cookies was about all they had. Still, they managed to get robbed the 2nd day open. They were closed on day 3 to install iron bars on their windows and doors, and by day 4, they were open for business again.
Anyway, just typing what passed by me today.

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