Guerrilla Marketing

12 Apr

Just like the war tactic, guerrilla marketing is meant to catch people off guard, unexpecting and leave them saying wow.

HERE is an incredible list of photos of guerrilla campaigns.


We are in such an information overload, that marketing is really becoming a science. It is not about pushing material out, that is the easy part. With everyone always connected to a computer, on their phone, watching TV or listening to the radio, it is not a challenge to have an audience. But with so many ads, people become passive and insensitive the all the imagery. The challenge marketeers face is getting people to take in their campaign, to recognize it, and still remember it a day later.

So guerrilla marketing is like dropping a bomb. It can be relatively cheap, non invasive, (sometimes a little embarrassing, like in this bench turned into a scale) way of advertising.

It is probably more effective than viral videos, which many times do not have anything to do with the product and people can’t remember what the video was for. But these campaigns gets the point across.

A person knows exactly what the message is.


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