Caught off guard II

23 Mar

Are they making complete fools out of us? Are they just having fun or do they mean it seriously? Do they really think that we are that simple, to jump on all their manipulative tricks? The saddest part is, that there is a portion of the population that probably might be, but even sadder is, that those that do notice, do nothing against it anyway.

These are only a few recent examples I caught

* Before Christmas, peanuts cost about 23 crowns for a bag. After Christmas, the price went up to 34 crowns for about a day or two, and the following day they cost 32 crowns and there was a huge sale tag on them. The tag is still on there, and we are at the end of March.

* I was recently paying for a service online, and when I came to the checkout, I had several options on how to pay. The option in bold print said “don’t pay and get $5.” I clicked on it out of curiosity, wondering how long it would take before they told me the catch. It wasn’t until three pages after the initial click did I get any relevant information to what I was getting into.



It puzzles me to think what is running through the minds of the creators.

















I do not feel the need to enact laws against such schemes, at least not yet, but we should rebel more cleverly. When gas prices started climbing in the US, people created maps of surrounding gas stations so people could check where the lowest price per gallon was.



Why not track groceries the same way?

Old women already spend their entire days running around grocery stores trying to find where the cheapest bread rolls are. They activate the entire grandma squad who that day goes to that store to buy those bread rolls, capitalistically supporting those competitive prices. The fact that they do not buy their apples there, but go to the grocery store across town is another issue. (What happened to hobbies?)


However, that energy could be honed and invested into something useful. How about map out the local sales in the main grocery stores. All you do is track the stores on your commute from work and stop where ever it is most convenient that day. Instead of falling for the item which is on sale for more than the usual price, you decide by making an informed decision of where to shop.



Unfortunately, there are many pea brained individuals industries can make money off of. By all means let them. After all, that is what business is about. But when the businesses seem to be laughing at their customers instead of valuing their customer, the business model seems to be a bit upside down.


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