Caught off guard?

22 Mar
Does instant click and pay take advantage of weak individuals who in the heat of the moment make irrational decisions? And, it is deceptive of the service provider, who should be restricted in some way for doing so?
Before everything was electronic, if you were seduced into buying something, it was the result of some effort. You had to travel somewhere, go to a store, make a decision, pull out your wallet, stand in a line and pay to then take the goodie home.

The mere time span gave a person time to mull over the decision.

They say, that if you want something, you are supposed to wait 48 hours, and if you can still remember it, then it might be worth buying. 

Now, everything is available online. Worse, you can pre fill your credit card information to make it very simple to shop. Although quite convenient, and I am extremely fond of it, there are situations, where it takes advantage of the state you are in. Playing a game or gambling, a pop up option shows that you can purchase an add in, upgrade, buy points. In the heat of the moment, you know you cannot live without those golden coins and you instantly glide over and click buy. Would you have done that if you were not playing the game? A look back, you may think how silly it was, but it’s too late. 

Following this logic, it is the company that seduces you and in your weakest moment takes advantage of you. They should be punished and limited somehow. Making big bucks off you is just not fair. 

Quite contrary. Yes there are individuals who may not think straight, but I don’t want my freedom and convenience to be limited because of some dummy who falls for a ridiculous buy. I appreciate not having to type a 16 number credit card code or address every time I want to buy anything, big or small. 

Temptation has always been around in various forms. Learning to stand up to that temptation is the responsibility of each individual, perhaps the disciple of a parent. 
Let me buy the candy, I have a right to do that, but it’s my own darn stupidity if I eat to much of it. The candy company didn’t cause my belly ache. Image

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