Where does this map lead you?

17 Mar

Beer commercials is probably where American commercials dare go the furthest.

  • A classic billboard will show a raging party- a guy with three girls with low cut shirts hanging on to him-no additional text.
  • A Czech ad for non alcoholic beer will claim that Czech girls are pretty, no need to have blurry vision to enjoy them.
  • Other ads are more extreme, such as for scaffolding-scaffolding and sexy girl present-text: we’ll get it up for you.

The result is the same, even though one is forthright where the other one is more subliminal. The way the message is sent differs by the cultural boundaries of a given state.

Thus, coming across this media campaign was quite shocking. This undoubtedly pushes the buttons of many perfect family proponents. Planned Parenthood’s mapping of sex hot spots drives hard. It actively engages the end user, completely turning the campaign around.

Instead of educating by preaching to teens who just don’t listen at that age, they put the cards, condoms to be specific, in their hands and let them play and brag. Their random send out of condoms to young adults with provocative questions “Where did you wear it?” incites users to map and detail their experience on a public social media channel in order to glamorize the idea of wearing plastic to protect.  Were this launch in Europe, where magazines rarely display fully dressed women,I wouldn’t think twice of it.

It is sickening to think of a campaign and the birds brains behind it-so I am not going to argue that point- but I do commend the unearthing of the issue. College sex fests are an issue and better to speak about them than pretend they do not exist, only to have the deal with the circumstances afterwards, both the physical and emotional damage. The general view of the body in the US is very negative, almost shameful. They do not accept the nature of it, nor are they very willing to openly talk about it. Rather than accept it, they talk about it only when trying to attain some kind of barbie doll illusion of perfection. So, our very nature has become something forbidden, consequently lusted after in a very wrong manner. Once an opportunity appears, these kids act extreme.

The behavior, tendencies, and curiosities are the same around the world, but the presentation is culturally diverse based on what is accepted.

I am confident that teens and pubescents are the same around the world. Sex is continuously on their mind, in fact, people don’t ever really grow out of it. Yes, I have heard that food is an old man’s sex, but there’s probably another issue there. Europe may be too liberal in their relationships, many seem to have grown beyond the need of a relationship, and the US may be too conservative in their denial of the rampant underground.

Sending condoms out like gift cards may be a little far, but the pendulum always swings back.


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