Stuck in Paris an extra day

26 Feb

Of all the places to be stranded, this in not a bad one. Instead of flying out of Paris on Sunday night, we had to wait until Monday night to take a flight back to Prague. So much to our dismay, we had to enjoy Paris for one more day. It was a strange feeling though, because after having planned on staying in Paris for three days, we scheduled to see everything in that time, which left nothing for Monday. We took advantage of it and just wandered the streets with no goal in mind, enjoying the cafes, bakeries and flower shops and admiring the detail and precision that everything seemed to posses.

Oh the pastries

This is the way people watching is done!

Dr. Martens anyone?

How does an order of 1 espresso ever equal 2 cups? It does in Paris! They were promoting a new blend, as we later found out, so we all got a shot of it.


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