13 Jan



Although we do treat ourselves to a cafe quite often, the are still so many we have not visited yet. So, we came up with a 4 Score Coffee Galore week. 4 days, 4 coffee shops, 4 different specialties. 




Day 1: Al Cafetero

Not far from the apartment is a small and cozy cafe, dimly lit with many seats, cushions and sofas. The kind, but talkative, waiter took us step by step through the coffee experience, which resembled more a chemical experiment than a traditional order of coffee. Everytime he walked away, we were afraid something would blow up! Waiter, waiter!  The man always returned quickly and politely smiled at us, (surely thinking oh, these newbies) calmed us down, and continued explaining the Vacuum pot process which we had ordered. Surprisingly, the coffee was so good we could drink is straight black, but only when is was very hot, because as it cooled, you could taste the sourness come out. The objective was to taste coffee, but we just could not resist the Tiramisu that caught our attention as we walked through the door. Delicious



Day 2: Můjšálekávy, MyCupofCoffee

The web pagesare very neat, but do not tell you anything about the cafe, so we had no idea how this place was going to turn out.

The directions sent us through a long dark tunnel, which brought us to a quaint part of the city. I can’t quite explain what it was that made me feel like I was in a cafe that was not in the Czech Republic. Maybe the decorations, or the menu or the people inside, but regardless, it was such a nice feeling to walk through the door and escape the Czech. We ordered an espresso and an americano. Listen to how it was served: a larger cup with a shot of espresso and a small pitcher of hot water so that I could add as much hot water to my americano as this American pleased! It was too soon to get up and too awkward to stay sitting with out ordering anything, so we asked for two glasses of white white which we could sip slowly, talk romantically and admire the prim design and crafty decorations. Definitely will come back again.


Day 3: Cafe Slavia

The classic. After a few minutes, we both agreed that this is not a cafe. It is rather supposed to typify a cafe atmosphere where you sit, have long conversations and no one bothers you or signals that it is time to leave. In this sense, it was a classic cafe. So we ordered 2 espressos: the cups were the best part, not the content inside them. The experience was lovely, the interior elegant with black and white photos of famous actors adorning the walls, 1920s furniture with matching chandeliers and railings. Even a pianist sat behind a shiny black grand piano and played while guests dined. The magic of a Prague evening and the cafe right in the center by the river is just like from a painting of Europe.


Day 4: Cafe Lounge

A pretty ending to our coffee week, although we almost missed the cafe because the windows looked like they were to someone’s living room rather than a restaurant. As soon as we walked in, we saw that every detail was thought through and every piece of furniture and decoration was well matched. The chairs seemed to welcomed you to sit in them for a while, and not only because of how comfortable they were or because of the crossword puzzles we received. Even before ordering, we were given a large pitcher of water and two glasses (still very atypical for over here). Cappucino and spicy hot chocolate it was, and oh was it delicious.




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