Do men have enough options?

9 Dec

The past decade has concentrated on giving women more rights, viewing them as equals and capable of competing in the workforce. The liberal feminist movement has, to an extent, calmed down because of the greater acceptance of their ideas. Women do continue to have to fight more than men, but they have broken through the glass ceiling, more than just occasionally.Meg Whitman, Condoleezza Rice, Virginia Rometty prove the point and that is not even to name all the news anchors and talk show hosts who have far surpassed their male counterparts. 


Unfortunately, the family often falls apart when a woman prioritizes her career, but it can be managed. In this short clip, Facebook COO, (a woman!) explains how she manages, but also questions the views of society.


She doesn’t fight for women’s rights but rather for more options for men. It should be ok that a man takes care of his family, whatever form that may take. No one should feel sorry for a man because he has chosen to stay home while his wife works, or that he bakes cookies for his kids play date.


The Netherlands is far more advanced in this regard, with the options for many people to work from home once or twice a week. Splitting the week equally, parents can be home with their kids for 2 to 4 days instead of sending them to preschool all week.

Props to Facebook, who gives equal maternity and paternity leave. I am not proposing complete male female equality. We ARE different. We WORK differently. We BOX things differently.

One comment about Facebook COO says it clearly:

                                     “She talking about a change in attitude that women’s careers are as important as men’s and that men’s participation in the home is as important as women’s. *That* is her point. The fact that people find this so weird and threatening is totally disheartening. “


Sure, there are still some that believe that women were born with an innate ability to clean and do laundry. There are still women in this world for those kinds of men. But if my man used those excuses around me, don’t let me get too near him.


Manly men don’t lose their dignity when they take off their coats and ties. It can be pretty masculine for a guy to be physically taking care of his family. Men can spend as much time as they want in the kitchen, well, maybe up to the point where the female wants to take a screwdriver into her hands.

Men be charming and daring, women smooth and seductive, but come up with a game plan to work together.


More often you do see men participating in their kids lives. Unfortunately, this may be a consequence of the high number of divorces in the states. Suddenly the responsibilities are split more evenly between the parents, but it comes from a legal, not personal and respectable decision. None the less, this could lead to equal roles being more accepted even inside complete families.


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