They are still out there

21 Nov

“We are the 99%.” And they are still out there.

The saddest part, is that the “Occupy Wall Street protestors” claim they can do nothing about it. How sad, if truly the 99% has no power in the most advanced democracy in the world.

However, I myself am divided on the issue.

On one hand, I do feel the struggle to find a job. It is increasingly harder and harder to penetrate the vicious cycle. Everyone wants experienced people and no one is willing to give you the chance to become experienced. If you look at job listings on various search engines, you do see a lot of available jobs, but they are all looking for managers and directors with years of experience. I get that they are trying to get some kind of assurance of value for hiring the people, it’s hard on employers as well, but length does not necessarily ensure quality. Our education system is based on building a broad base of knowledge rather than becoming specialized, but once you hit the job market, they all want years on end of experience doing the same thing.

On the other hand, although I admire managers for their skills and knowledge, I think that managers and business degrees in the US are extremely overrated. They assume big paychecks for being able to manage people and direct business. I admire that, but if we were to use more of our God given common sense, maybe more people would be able to make decisions on their own without having to deliberate up a hierarchy of big bosses. One US based company is doing extremely well, attracting the attention of big and small investors. They are all shocked to find out that he does not invest in managers at all to manage his multimillion dollar company. He hires smart, responsible, cooperative and innovative people who support the organization by thinking for themselves.

Ultimately, the US is a land of opportunity. Not fairness, not equality, not easy money. It’s a lot of work, and not everybody gets lucky. More and more people do, but the steps to success are not as equally spaced as we grew up believing they are. There are so many overly educated people searching for jobs it looks quite ridiculous.

Setting aside the actual reason for the protests, it is altogether quite remarkable. Ever since the protests of the 70s, we have been apathetic as a nation to any sort of public display of emotions. Instead of taking irritations to the streets and voicing our unhappiness, we have learned to read about it in the news and then resume whatever we were doing prior. After some 40 years, the US citizens are cracking out of their shells.

I wish all those searching for a job to find one. It is such an incredible feeling to be passionate about what you are doing. Losing track of time, getting lost is the action, flying cross country, and working late nights is such an exhilarating that stimulates you beyond belief.

But you have to be willing to work your butt off for it.


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