Puppets in Russia

12 Oct

After four years, the expected has finally made headlines. Medvedev’s loyalty has kept Putin’s seat quite warm and unchanged. The puppet that was chosen to play the role of president has played his part and it is time to step down from the podium according to the main puppeteer.  The ex-president took a breather, for compliance with Russian legislation, and is back to reclaim his presidential throne.

 “In an article for a Russian newspaper Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister and president-in-waiting, called for former Soviet states to join a “Eurasian Union” of economic integration. Denying that he wanted to rebuild the Soviet Union, he said that the move would have ‘an undoubtedly positive global effect’.”

















Albeit Putin says he does not want to rebuild the Soviet Union, but USSR II? He made no comments about that my friends. It could be a whole new concept altogether. Georgians give them too much grief anyway, and the Czechs may not be ready to accept any partnership yet (not that they were necessarily willing the first time) but Russian hands have a long reach and have infiltrated much of the capitalist world.

Pulling a bit by the puppet strings may be just as easy as that.

The most incredible part is that none of this comes as a shock to the world, yet no one can do anything about it. Because of the privilege of state sovereignty, the community of states has decided not to meddle in each other’s business. Unless of course the situation in the state crosses a line by which time it is generally too late to intervene anyway. The supposed presence of democracy veils any suspicious staging really going on inside the country’s government.  Only after the problems start overflowing borders and catch the attention of the rest of the world do international courts and trials spur into action, but post hoc.

By all means, let the truth be known and justice served, but does prevention mean nothing?

The wars of the past decades were all about preemption. Not to suggest that scare tactics are the right means, but the idea of watching out for what could happen and proactively trying to diminish its consequences may not be a bad start.

Some people gain new strength and visions when they come to power, Medvedev will be remembered only as a bookmark.


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