A wine brainteaser

8 Oct

40 crown wine is really only just that. It was discounted from 80 crowns, but there was obviously a reason the price was lowered. I still spent 40 crowns on it, a big 2 dollars, and was not about to pour it down the drain, so here goes my path to getting rid of a bad bottle of wine.

  • Drink first glass. It wasn’t horrible, and I’m no expert, so I sipped it clean. 
  • Couldn’t do 2nd glass, so I added some apple syrup, but eventually kept adding until it was more syrup than wine. 
  • 3rd glass went into my couscous bowl to moisten it for dinner. 
  • The bottle was still only half empty at this point, so I poured it into a bowl, added spices and lots of brown sugar and made mulled wine on the stove. It still lasted 3 days though. 

Lesson learned, buy cheap wine only when you are looking for something to do.


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