31 Aug

24 hours in Moscow and I am full of new experiences and emotions. Even though we got to the hotel late, we still set out after 8 pm to see the Red Square, Kremlin, Gum shopping center and Tverskaya Boulevard. It was the last day of high school, so the streets were full of recent grads in uniforms. Moral disciple seems to be slightly divergent from what I would consider appropriate as evident in the way the girls dressed; short black miniskirts, high white knee socks and high heels. My 1st impression were rather unpleasant. But perhaps it was only the atmosphere of the plane that made the people seem rude and pushy. I was turned off by their behavior from the onset, but to my surprise, the people in Moscow seemed more willing. The high heels the women fashioned were incredibly daring and high style. Although more daring, the clothes in general were more fashionably, trendy, creative than their Prague counterparts-not that there is too much to beat here. I simply admired the height of the heels they balanced on the cobble stones and the lengths of skirts. Personally, I wouldn’t know which to watch first and would end up a self conscious stumbling mess. Back at the hotel we mixed business with pleasure enjoying mojitos and cognac and talking company strategies.

The morning breakfast ran smoothly, right till the end when out Russian colleagues began to vent their emotions. They defended their value and skills against the conviction of the world. The company is a bus, they said, driven by a driver who is blindfolded because he failed to ask the opinions of the Russians sitting in the back row. This is their life, so I understand their defensive position, but business is ultimately about numbers, not sympathy. Business it is.

My gaps between my Russian classes grow larger with each class, so progress is almost null. But, I have been able to learn cyrillic, both printed and cursive, so I can read anything in front of my nose. Understanding is another thing, but even being able to read really helps.


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