Boxing Babes

9 Aug

Boxing as the ultimate manifestation of feminist strength, or only a brutal rage that costs a woman her femininity? Don’t look at any fight to answer that questions and if you do, don’t mind the squirting blood and grunts.





But do consider Laila Ali whose boxing legacy included a large family (yes, out of her tummy) and a make up modeling career. With 24-0-0 record, 21 KO’s and her own line of skin products and fragrances, Laila is divine.




Granted, most female boxers look like overgrown cafeteria ladies, but any of these ladies, I would gladly have on my side. Regina Halmich, a cosmetics line owner and WIBF Champ? Ina Menzer, what a cutie!


If you look at their rankings, these ladies are the top of the line. They are not just some pretty things that accidentally walked into the ring. These women can punch.


While beating the living daylights out of their competitors and training like hell, they parallel their practices with modeling and representing makeup. 


Make up – the  one thing that has shadowed feminine beauty over millennia even while styles and tastes were constantly changing.

Cleopatra lined her eyes with glitter, lead sulfide was used in Africa, the Natives brushed berry mush to brighten their complexion and the Asians used paint to enhance their eyes and lipstick was invented in the Middle East even before the Holy Roman Empire and running water in Europe. 


These boxers fall right in line, wanting to enhance their femininity, not going against it. Outside the gym, they do not burp, snarl, huff and punch – they are quite likable ladies.

Perhaps they do have all the makeup sponsors because they need such a supply to cover their scars, but still, not a bad deal.


Sure, some female boxers are haunted by crazy murder stories and although Christy Martin may be considered one of the best, there are always exceptions and weirdos in any community.


Boxing allows a woman to express her inner power and strength to show the beauty of her being. Sitting prim and proper is not the only way to manifest femininity. Throwing a good punch is liberating and the confident, sexy feeling of seeing what your body is capable of is exhilarating.


Barbaric or beautiful, it’s an opportunity to take a jab at what ever we want, to push beyond limits, so I leave it at that.


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