Cut the Crap

29 Jul

Is that possible? Can we eliminate long emails? Quite honestly, I think they are hard to understand, and there are points that are ALWAYS misunderstood. I heard an idea that all emailing should be the size of Tweets.

Is 140 characters enough? 

A colleague of mine wrote a long email, fully detailed, well articulated, flowery and inviting, and all he received in response was: yes, yes, yes. He was furious! After all his effort, that was all he got. But did he really need more? 

Why not just bounce short messages for a while and then meet face to face?

Historically, diplomacy was the king of flowery, long indecipherable messages which was meant to build a relationship while always keeping a back door open.

But business today is done so much faster.

Be honest, be open, be responsible and get things done.

Starting and ending emails bothers me. How many times do you have to include a proper introduction, conclusion, and signature in the emails and RE: before you can just send the message?

Emails are still needed as they provide evidence of the information/agreement exchange, but they could be shaved off, cleaned up.

So, tweets may be too short, but simple, short, snappy would do. 


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