Sultry, yet indisputably feminine

22 Jul

What do you think of these pics?

A way to get ahead by any means necessary, or cultural difference?

Is this objectifying women, or are they using their god given selves to their advantage?

Sexist, unfair, or is it feminine? The female body has been the object of desire ever since the beginning of time. Paintings, poetry, novels featuring luscious curves never go out of style. Yet, when a woman uses those powers in the workforce in the US, she is considered a slut.

How did this all begin?

Has the business world been suppressing these female characteristics which are only natural and a woman’s biological advantage and natural way of acting?

Or, are the woman degrading their knowledge and abilities, trying to use the fast way out and are willing to pose and objectify themselves only to get ahead?

History has suppressed femininity and their sexual potency.

People always find a way to it, get it, enjoy it.

Is it wrong because it is inappropriate, or wrong because we have socially created it a separate entity from the professional world?

Let history be known:

Delilah, some may look at her as a scandalous seductress who captivated Samson. Yet, on the other hand, she aided the entire Philistine nation by weakening him of his powers. Story goes, that she was blinded by the sum of money that they gave her. Yet, who really knows what her motives were? All along, she could have been a strong independent woman, who knew that in times of turmoil, she could only rely in herself. Dating the enemy was not going to last long, so for her own sake, she managed survival for herself. Is she truly to blame? Who has the right of way? Your nation, the blood to which you belong? Or the lover you happen to be, temporarily, amused by?

Ruth, by the instructions of her mother in law, walks to Boaz in the middle of the night and seduces him, in order to carry on the family line. Seductress? Martyr? It all boils down to what was important to her. She was loyal to her mother in law’s, Naomi’s family. Naomi gave her the choice to return to her own family and remarry. Yet she refused to leave, and so she was willing to carry on Naomi’s family line by forcing herself into Boaz’s life. (Yes property was involved, but material things so often get in the way.) After all the loyalty, securing lineage, well being, survival; was not her seduction responsible for all that she gained? Was she just harnessing all the power she naturally had to secure herself, her family, make her new husband happy or just plainly a shrew who got her way? (Ch.3)

Helen, homemaker, yet feminine and strong is protected from the tragedies she causes due to her being. Her powerful nature distracts men throughout history and legend, yet Homer graces her with a star-stone, “so all the blood shed for her sake leaves Helen stainless.” Was this a cover up, for something wrong, or was it just preservation of women’s powers?

To me, it all seems dishonest. But maybe I am cheating myself of great successes by not taking advantage of all the womanly powers bestowed on me from above.

Wearing a low cut shirt to work, or even outside for that matter, scares the crap out of me. But maybe I just have not become woman enough to realize my true potential and the necessary way of doing business in the Czech.


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