Mentally challenged or privileged?

5 Jul

The weather outside was awful last night, the wind howling, rain coming down in sheets. Simply the best wether to crawl under the covers and watch a movie. And that is exactly what we did.

Benny and Joon.

It was liberating to see how carefree and gay Joon, a mentally unstable young woman was. When she decided to walk outside wearing a snorkel mask and direct traffic with a red ping pong paddle, no one but the police could do anything about it. Sam, the domestic-engineer (housewife)-turned-best friend was a moron, idiot, dressed for a different century, but was just as free spirited as any one could possibly be.

Unfortunately, where ever these two went, they were started at, considered strange, and  classified as outcasts better suited for an isolated mental institution. Society has created rules and grown accustomed to certain norms to maintain an ordered and civilized society.

Do these standards make our lives easier by discerning what is right from wrong so that we ourselves do not have to come to the evident conclusion through personal experiences? 

Or do these conventions limit us from living life to its fullest by seeing the world through innocent eyes?

These rules do serve a purpose no doubt for the betterment of society. Without them, the threat of anarchy emerges with all the chaos, fear, and repercussion that accompany it. However, if they coincidentally stifle creativity, emotion, free spirit and silliness, one has to question the health of the nation.

The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.  ~Frank Barron

Exactly what Sam was. He was confident in who he was, and refused to conform to any standards or anyone’s insults. He had a clear mind when he needed and found life in everything around him, bursting open the potential of any mundane object or situation.

By adhering to the rules of society, we may be limiting ourselves from seeing the world in all its glorious colors, unless we correctly apply the rules as a stable foundation on which we stand for support and flourish from the security it gives us.


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