How a pillow broke the car rear window

3 Jul

The actual pillow did nothing to the window, but the events that lead to the broken window all started with the pillow.

My dear friend sent me a housewarming gift, a colorful pillow and a blanket. Our apartment is still very much empty, and all the bedroom had in it was a bed. I had wanted to buy a sofa for a while, but never really committed to getting one.

Now that I had a pillow, I had a reason to really find one.

We had not even planned on buying a sofa at IKEA, but we were running errands there, and there it was, as if waiting for us. A floor model of a small but cozy sofa, for $100.

Take it or leave it….take it!

Without too much trouble, we loaded the sofa into the mini jeep. Although a part of it seemed to be too long, we gently closed the door, slammed slightly, and it shut. We both looked at each other, a little surprised that it did with such ease.

As we started backing out of the parking lot, BANG, the entire back window shattered into a million tiny pieces of glass.

What the freakin’ monkeys are we supposed to do now?

Back to IKEA I went, looking for boxes and tape to secure the window in place. Of course, they do not sell tape. But I did find a packing corner where they had a complimentary roll of tape attached to the wall and packing paper.

I am positive that by complimentary they did not mean the whole roll, but I really needed it, so I climbed up and started detaching the roll from the wall.

Now if anyone were to stop me, I don’t know how I would explain. I needed the tape, I got it and left, trying to act as nonchalantly as one possibly can.


One day we’ll laugh at how silly this all was, but until then, the cost of the sofa just went up.

We bought a cheap sofa, and would pay the rest in repairs for the window. It’s a better alternative than having an expensive sofa plus window repairs. But still, how does this sort of thing even happen.

The sofa broke the window with no help from us. And the pillow is all to blame.


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