Locked out and warm brownies

28 Jun

I just spend 1.5 half outside waiting for the locksmith to open my door.


Well, I waited until someone would go to work at 6 am in the morning, so I could use their cell phone to call the locksmith, who said he could get there the soonest in 1 hour.

What else was I supposed to do besides wait. So I did, and when he tried working at my door, it took him 20 minutes. I guess this proves that he was a locksmith and not a burglar as he would most definitely get caught making such a racket with my door. To give him a little credit, my door is so thick it looks like the entrance to a bunker, so breaking in proved to be quite an obstacle.

Lesson learned, never go running in the morning. No, that won’t do. Other lesson, hide a set of keys in your neighbors house in case of repeat accidents.



These random stupidities seem to happen to me more often than I really do appreciate.  Generally, things come pretty easy to me, but then, out of nowhere these outrageous situations, as if I suddenly turned a blank, lost my head and started wandering around on my own.

Last week I put a plastic container with brownies on the stove and started heating some soup. At least I thought I turned on the soup until I started smelling burned plastic and realized the heat under the container was turned on. Warm brownies? Getting the melted spiderweb like plastic off everything was not fun.


I do like this little quirk of mine, it wouldn’t be me if it did not happen. Yet I never seem to be able to catch or prevent it before the damage is done.

If I can’t prevent these mishaps, I may as well accepts them and have fun with them. Coffee time!


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