Don’t give a crap

21 Jun

I would be capable of so much more, if I did not have fear. I am not talking about the kind of fear where I am shaking, worried panicking. This is one that we many times do not even realize, but prevents us from doing so many things that we want to. It creeps into everything we do, knocking is down just a little bit at every step.

They say that the most successful people have something in common with psychopaths-although they are a little more extreme. It is the lack of or suppression of this fear. They are willing to risk more, play more, put themselves out there. In the end, they end up gaining more out of life.

With every brave step I take, I see that it was not that hard, and that in the end fear got to me more than it should have. But this always happens too late.

If I did not have to go through this cycle, I could be so much more involved in everything that is happening around me.

Confronting this is no easy task, but there is no other way. Simply don’t give such a crap!!!!

This is my new task, so keep me in check.


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