The backwardness of Czech think tanks

12 Jun

To lay it out there, Czechs are very intelligent people, but they sure have guts to do what they want. I think that as a whole, their tolerance for public humiliation is higher than most others. A humiliating affair makes international news and they pat their backs instead of trying to come up with diplomatic apologies. Klaus seemed bored during a diplomatic convention in Chile, started playing with a pen. He soon realized he should probably be paying more attention and began to scheme how to hide the evidence of his boredom. He managed to shift the pen from his right hand under the table to his left pocket and a proud smirk appeared on his face probably realizing that every camera had caught it on tape. Back to think tanks…

The US model is based on a group…Czechs are different, they go backwards. The president carries out a nonsensical line and the thinkers brainstorm what the line was supposed to mean, signify and the history of the statement. Instead of being the wise advisors to the president, they decipher and create the message post hoc that they believe the nation should interpret. Admirable what they can gather from some of the nonsensical lines they interpret.


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