Muslim Intolerance

12 Jun

What set off the crazy wave of fear of Muslim overtaking? Was it medias mislabeling of too many groups as terrorist that instilled a general fear in Islamic people, or is it a slightly xenophobic tendency of this relative new immigration to the US? Every group that came to the US had to endure the harsh treatment of being considered an outcast before becoming homegrown over time. The general fear of change or anything new affected all the populations that tried to settle in the US. The Irish, Italians, Catholics, Japanese and Mexicans all had to survive through the tough periods when getting accustomed to the new land. The paradox lies in that the US is land of the free, open to those looking for freedom, yet this freedom was not warmly shared with any newcomer. Today, no one questions the place of an irishman in the US, Catholics are widespread acting as advisors to political figures, even the president comes from one of the latest groups that had to stand the beating. The cruel presumption of the Muslim population in the US is surprising on today’s age, yet is continues to reflect the natural cycle of reactions new immigrants undergo. It is a sort of test of strength. Those who withstand with patients and determination have what it takes to stand unified as an American people.


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