Lady Gaga breaking barriers

12 Jun

She is pushing down even the big brick walls that lead to our church. The local Metro magazine covered a price on her where she quoted, let your individuality be your religion. I am not up to date on my Gaga new, but I am sure she has quite a following. Her artistic coverage has shocked many granting her more limelight than many contemporary artists, whose light burns out quite prematurely. She pushes the limits of what is accepted much in the same way Madonna did in her prime. In her quote she praises the uniqueness of her being. The priest paused, pondered and spoke of having heard this line before…in the Bible. The traditional hierarchical institution where we are no more than a grain in the sand would mention something of individualism. The church does not condemn individuality, quite contrary-free will is on the the fundamental pillars by which it can work at all. But our faith has external examples to which we are to grow towards, not inwards. The line by Gaga mirrors what the devil tempted Eve with. Their sin was the lust for being God. Putting themselves on a pedestal and standing level with Him, much in the same way Gaga sees herself fit to be a model for her own religion. Looking only into yourself has to fall short at some point.

The other extreme is also very destructive. Those who are not completely turned into themselves suffocate trying to meet all social expectations they are bombarded by. Although body image is a part of contemporary style and taste which changes as frequently as the centuries do, the current fashion exhorts such pressure to be slim, trim, skinny, ity. All the subliminal and quite destructive images we have to endure at every step is strangling. Be different, be healthy.

Female are incredibly sexy and seductive when confident in her own curves.


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