7 May



Mmm, másla se nebojíme, tuky rádi papáme. Image


Mluvíme o čístém málse, žádné margaríny, hery, ztužené tuky, pomazánky nebo jiné náhražky. Krásné máslo od krávy, s vůni, barvou a vším. Další variantou je Ghee, které už se v Praze také sežene. Třeba tu. Ghee je ještě čisčí forma másla. Je to máslo od kterého je odďelená laktóze a mléčné bílkoviny. Většina lidí je dosti citlivá na mléčné výrobky. Říká se až 2/3 naší populace. Takže Ghee je ideální pro ty které to dráždí. 

Máslo je zdravé, protože ve své jednoduchosti, je to čistý tuk, ale ještě k tomu obsahuje zdravé vitamíny. Například A a K2. Dále pomáha vstřebávat jiné vitamíny které se rozpouští v tucích, a pomáhá při zpracování vápníku. 



Church and McDonald’s

20 Jan

Despite the US being extremely religious as a whole, there is still a very strong sense of separation of church and state. It goes even further, and many businesses will not mention anything religious, especially around the holidays. Ironically, we will send Happy Holiday cards and our Jewish friends from Israel will send Christmas cards. Go figure.

Now, the Czech Republic is almost entirely atheist. As I have mentioned before, the Catholics make up all of about 4%, and that includes the more religious south. Well, despite that, people still believe that baby Jesus brings them presents at Christmas. Santa Clause can go hang his coat, because no one here has fallen for that.

A couple of weeks ago we had the Epiphany. Most people would have no idea what it is, but there is a tradition that you take a piece of chalk and write K+M+B 2013, the initials of the three kings, above main entrances. You will see that even on restaurants and other public places. Another strange example of how tradition overrides common attitudes toward organized, or more specifically, Christian church.

And the one that gets me the most is McDonald’s. They have Christian symbols in the menu and in their advertising. The Three Kings of winter?? 

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 12.10.17 PM

How are they so against the institution of the Church that it prevents them from even coming close to a church, yet they can so easily fall for these myths and old stories? They all know them, accept them and then use them. Do they not associate them with Christian history or do they just not think about it?

As long as it sells, then I guess they do not question why, where it came from or what it means.


Daily Bread

20 Jan


Post Office Experience

16 Jan

Another ordinary day in Prague…

I went to the post office to pick up a package. After looking up the tracking number, the lady tells me that it’s not at that post office, but at a different branch.

So I ask how to get to the post office from here. She responds, “Normally.”

Of course, why didn’t I think of that?


15 Jan
A phone that fits into the back of a tablet?
Slap on a keyboard, add a mouse and off you go.
Why does it seem that there are so many new ridiculous technological ideas popping up all over the place?
Yes, technology should go forward, but should there not be some sort of common sense barrier that says that something is ridiculous? It is great that we can create a device that you can pop your phone into, but why?
These types of inventions feel like a quick patch up of things just to get something new on the market. Yet these inventions seem to make the credible companies just look plain ridiculous. It used to be that these funny, creative, but useless gadgets were on the TV infomercial channels or in the airplane magazines. This wild goose chase is our greed to be constantly stimulated by new things. It is causing a whirlwind that everyone is getting sucked into. Although these gizmos are neat, I would still much rather invest in 1 item that I know works and will last me some time.

The Blessing of a Union – Marriage controvery

14 Jan

Not too long ago a bishop was quite sympathetic towards homosexual couples. He purported, that historically there have been cases where same sex couples have been blessed.

I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. It kept puzzling me until I started looking it up.

Sure enough, there have been such cases:

Roman Catholic Church

During the 1990s, a discussion began in the Roman Catholic Church about blessings for same-sex unions. In the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aachen in Germany, five same-sex unions received a blessing in German town ofMönchengladbach.[83] In 2007, one same-sex union received a blessing in German town of Wetzlar in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Limburg.[84] Wikipedia

On one hand, I found that such a blessing did occur, yet on the other hand, I found the 5 Non Negotiables which are strictly against any homosexual marriages. One theory could be that by giving homosexuals a blessing, the church really does separate the common living arrangement from a marriage because they establish it as something different. This in turn would protect the marriage sacrament because they define it more clearly.

But the theory couple be completely off because as I found, there have been priests who blessed the couples and then were removed from their position. 

A German priest granted a blessing, and then the bishop “removed Fr. Kollas as dean of priests to avoid further “damage” to the Church’s reputation.” Catholic

We as Catholics have a duty to respect, honor and love any human being, even if homosexual, but that does in no way mean to endorse, bless or pardon their deeds. Being open to them would in no way harm the reputation of the church, but a blessing….

But, if we consider the blessing. It could be, that the priest were blessing a household in which two homosexuals lived. If that were the case, then any non tradition household, which functions as a compatible and loving environment, should be eligible for a blessing as well.

Jesus Jingle

15 Dec
Christmas is in full swing in Prague. Everywhere you go you see Christmas stands with hot wine, ornaments, cookies, mistletoe, sausages and small gifts. Department stores are draped with lights and Christmas carols jingle all around.
Despite the commercial side of it, it is nice to see that the Czechs still wait for Baby Jesus, Ježíšek, to bring them gifts. In one of the most atheist countries in the world, the biggest holiday is possible more religiously founded than in other countries.  In others parts of the world, there seems to be a bigger conflict between the religious and commercial aspects of the season. In the US it went so far one year that even the word Christmas was scarcely heard. So as not to offend anyone, Happy Holidays were more acceptable. This was a battle not even between the Christian holiday and Santa Clause. Santa was having to battle with the commercialization of the winter holiday season.
Back in Prague, they still take it as a given that Ježíšek brings gifts. Many even recognize that something special happens in the churches and tune in to watch at least a snippet of the midnight mass.
Both the Pope and Dalai Lama have visited the Czech Republic to warn of the danger of losing a faith systemyet Baby Jesus goes on strong